Evidence Based Research

Our mission is to provide remote access to medical grade 3D body imaging that detects and monitors musculoskeletal conditions. 

A few key advantages of our methodology include:

  • Radiation free
  • Noninvasive
  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Evidence-based

Besides scoliosis screening, we have a suite of products and applications in development:

Injury Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

  • The Problem
    • Patients after fractures are routinely subjected multiple X-Rays with inherent radiation risk to the patient
    • X-rays only provide two-dimensional imaging
    • Traditional 3D imaging (CT Scan or MRI) is expensive and requires dedicated facilities with skilled personnel
  • Our solution
    • Our scans can replace routine X-Rays to diagnose and monitor healing of fracture without radiation
    • Low-cost 3D white-light imaging can refine indications for surgery and identify early issues with rehabilitation

Other Applications

  • Stealth mode

Our Research