NSite Scoliosis Remote Screening

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Have your kid screened for scoliosis at the comfort of your home. Proven at Stanford Medicine with multiple clinical trials, NSite has been shown to generate a much more accurate result for scoliosis screening than the traditional manual method.

How It Works:

1. Order online

2. We will ship a 3D scanner to your home with instructions on how to scan your kid at the convenience and privacy of your home

3. Download our app on your iPhone. Connect the scanner to your iPhone and scan the back of your kid. The whole process should take 3-5 minutes.

3. Scans will automatically be uploaded to our secure and HIPAA compliant cloud for diagnosis by both AI and a certified healthcare provider. 

4. You will receive a notification to check the result within 24 hours.

5. Return the scanner with our prepaid label. Drop it off at any mailbox or UPS location. 

6. Peace of mind :)